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If you've clicked here it means you care a lot about your data privacy and the GDPR implementation. If you're here by accident and you don't know what GDPR is, it stands for General Data Protection Regulation which came into effect from May 2018. I'm not going to lie this isn't the most enthralling part of the website but nonethelesss it is necessary ... so here we go! This privacy policy is for my website www.kalisterscope.com which is owned by me - Suzanne M Lister.

I collect Personal Data

I collect your name, your email address (both of which help massively in basic communications with you!), your mobile number so I can call or text you to confirm details for your shoot, your address so I can post your contract, keepsake box and album (if you choose to buy one.)

How I collect & keep your Personal Data

When you use my contact form on my website the message gets sent into my password protected inbox. If you go ahead with booking me as your wedding photographer, I will store your email, which is accessible through my password protected computer, and my password locked mobile phone. If you enquire but don’t book me I will delete all your personal data from my computer after an appropriate time period.

I store your images on encrypted hard drives which live in my home (behind a double locked door!) and your images are also stored in the online gallery provider I use which is also GDPR compliant.

While I do retain copyright of the photographs I take, I won’t sell them on to stock image companies or similar. If a company gets in touch to ask about using images from your shoot with me then the first thing I would do would be to get in touch with you to ask for your permission.

Your Rights

If you have questions about how your personal data is handled, you can drop me an email and I can explain and confirm things with you. I am happy to show you the information I have on you (however don’t be surprised if this is just the information you have provided me with!). If some of the information is wrong, you have the right to correct it and I would definitely recommend this. If you would like me to delete all your personal data, you have the right to request for this to happen. When the work I have undertaken is complete and the job is concluded, you can of course let me know if you do not want to receive any more contact from me. I do tend to keep email addresses of my clients for the duration that I provide your online galleries – if you’d like to fully ‘close your account’ with me, just let me know and I can delete you from my records.

You have the right to keep your photographs private – not everyone wants to be on the internet or can be on the internet due to their profession. Please just let me know. See social media policy section below.

Social Media Policy & Third-Party Sites

If you have booked me it is probably because you have viewed my work on my website and on my social media accounts. I have been given permission to post these images for the purpose of self-promotion by my couples & families. This is how I advertise and get to book more clients. However, that being said, some couples prefer a little more privacy so please just let me know if that is you and we can update your contract accordingly. Please note, when putting a photograph on social media the full name of the people in the photograph is never used within the specific post. Even if you sign the contract I will double check with you after the wedding as well to confirm that you are ok with me putting you and your guests on my website. You can veto any photographs from being put online and it is your responsibility to ask your guests’ permission.

I occasionally submit or am approached by an online wedding blog (for example Love My Dress) but if I do I will always ask for your consent prior to any sharing of images in this way.

Occasionally, third parties (for example wedding venues) contact me and request to use a photograph for advertising purposes. I will always ask for your consent before agreeing to this.

In Summary

To summarise your Data is important to me. I will never sell your email address or send you spam. Instead I will treat correspondence with you with respect and only get in touch with you about your (potential or agreed) booking and all related things to do with your booking. If you book a job with me I will send you out a contract so I will have your contact & address details. If you have booked a wedding with me I will send you an online booking form to complete which asks you questions about the details of your wedding day. This is kept safe, with the online system being password protected. The process means that I will have data on you but it is all necessary for me to my job and it’s all things that you have happily provided me with. After your wedding, I will be in touch to request a review of your photography experience with me.

DPA & GDPR May 2018

This website complies with the DPA (Data Protection Act 1998) and already complies with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) which comes into effect from May 2018