I'm Suzanne Lister and I am the 'Lister' in Ka-lister-scope. It's a play on Kaleidoscope which means 'Observation of beautiful forms'. And who & what are these beautiful forms, you ask? Well that's you guys! - your venue, your families bursting with pride, your carefully considered wedding details, your sneaky loved up glances to each other, your shapes on the dance floor and your best friends beaming from ear to ear!


I'm an observer. I love to capture your day as it happens and to document the natural moments that happen between people. My shoots are like stories that I get to tell through photographs. I am so thankful I get to do what I do and I firmly believe that getting to be part of a couple or families shoot is a complete privilege.

Laid back, confidence
boosting photography for couples who wan at to look & feel amazing.

Kalisterscope photography